Happy Love

The app for two

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The app for you and your honey

The key to healthy relationships is appreciation, organization and communication … so we made an app for it. Happy Love is an app to keep both in Love by connecting your chores, treats and interests. Sounds useful right? Download our app now and no worries it's free.


Surprise your babe with a coupon

Treat your love with maybe a breakfast in bed or a movie only they like, they will love you for it! Gift your originality, your babe deserves it. Is your babe not feeling too well gift them a coupon to anticipate your arrival by gifting a hug and tea. We bet your partner will feel much better.

Thinking of you

Show your babe that you are thinking about them

Share your Love by showing that you are thinking about your better half, we also have a want you button ;) Is your partner facing an important exam or a job interview? Gift them your courage and support by showing that they are in your thoughts.

Shopping list

Get your shopping done together

Left your shopping list at home again? Not with us! Happy Love contains an algorithm to remind you of the things you forgot to buy together. Write something into the shopping list and your better half will be notified to pick it up.


Collect your most beautiful moments

Save moments, pictures and events to remind your partner that times have been good! Moments create lasting connections so cherish them :) Remember the place you kissed for the first time? Or the first date you two went on? Save your exciting adventures because they are always worth remembering.


Create lists together

Time to get stuff done together? Smack it into the to do list! Remind your partner that today is being spent together working, cooking or raving. Or how about a not to do list which could include not to cook, clean, do washing for a day, turn the tables and get a clear head.


Get notified how your partner feels

Set your mood so your partner knows what to expect when getting home. Feeling sad? Your partner will know and hopefully come back with chocolate and flowers. Still thinking about the parting kiss? Show your partner how much they wander your mind.


Important details always at hand

Fill it out and you will get personalized gifts like a book from your favorite author! Never buy clothes in the wrong size and gift your partner a jumper in the right size they never knew they wanted. Can you remember your babes favorite colour or their favorite animal? Details like this often escape our minds in the most unfavorable moments, be prepared to impress your partners friends or family.


A shared calendar for a shared life

Did your partner miss your grandma's lunch again? Don’t blame them they were missing the Bove app. Make it easy for your partner by adding your anniversary, wedding anniversary or other special days so you always know what to look forward to. So you never miss a thing together.


Share your location

Want to meet in town? Share positions and meet without the hassle of calling and explaining. Exploring a new city with your partner and got lost? With the click of a button you will find your way back to your love.